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Koo Hoot Kiwat



How would you describe “home”? The word home holds more than a place, a dwelling. Home is the space that holds all lived experiences, community, doing, and making. Place-making is the act of defining what it means to be home. More than 1,000 years ago, Caddo Ancestors emerged and cultivated home in areas of what are today Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. 


Home Truths: An Anthropology of House and Home

What's in Caddo Voices

Each section of the Caddo Voices Virtual Experience places content into a play list of Contemporary Caddo, Practice, and Ethnohistory videos.


  • In Contemporary Caddo you will learn about current Indigenous movements. 
  • In Practice you are invited to explore hands-on projects that incorporate traditional Caddo knowledge into modern projects. 
  • In Ethnohistory you will tap into a wide range of scholarship about Caddo history and culture from anthropologists, historians, and other researchers. 

Keep Exploring

In this extensive 2023 bibliography, you will find 380 pages of resources to learn more about Caddo history and culture.


Visit the THC’s Learning Resources page for home-related lesson plans and activities you can do at home or on a visit to Caddo Mounds SHS.


Read the Caddo stories written down in “Traditions of the Caddo” by George Dorsey in 1905. Dorsey’s stories were collected from Caddo informants including Tsa Bisuh “Wing” (who told 49 percent of the stories) and Dashkat Hakaayuʔ “Whitebread” (who told 19 percent of the stories). 


Explore more about the Caddo history and culture at Texas Beyond History, and “step inside” a virtual Caddo grass house.


Listen to these TED talks about what defines “home?” Is it people, a specific place or the memories made during a certain period of time? These talks offer a thoughtful look at what it means to belong.


Learn about the plants and animals that call the east Texas Pineywoods home.