Virtual Field Trips

Learning Without Boundaries

Travel across time and Texas to discover the big stories and legendary people and places that shaped the history of this great state. Discover TEKS curriculum-based lessons in Texas history and educator resources from across the THC’s state historic sites.

Indigenous Texas and Exploration

These virtual field trips explore the prehistoric cultures, historic contacts, and explorations of what became early Texas.

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Texas Revolution

Follow the road to revolution as Texians go to war with Mexico to become an independent republic.

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The Republic of Texas

In these virtual field trips, discover the excitement and challenges of building a new nation.

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Civil War and Reconstruction

Texas and the nation were deeply divided by the war and the Reconstruction years of political, economic, and social change that set the stage for modern America. Join the journey through this pivotal chapter of United States history.

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Entrepreneurial Texas

The stories of how Texas’ economy grew are bigger than the cattle trails and gushing oil wells. Explore the struggles and triumphs of innovators and investors who paved the way for Texas’ growth and prosperity.

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World War II and the World it Made

Texas steps onto the world stage as a leader in a global conflict that would change the state, country, and world forever. Join the march through history to learn how and why.

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