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Delve into the richness of Texas history through online exhibitions, virtual tours, programs, and experiences as unique as the Lone Star State itself.

Shaho Memorial Exhibit

On April 13, 2019 an EF3 tornado hit Caddo Mounds State Historic Site decimating the heritage museum and the traditional Caddo grass house constructed on the site. Alaina Tahlate, an enrolled member of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma and tornado survivor, shared the Caddo word for the tornado experience, shahó. This shahó began on Caddo Culture Day - the one day each year that draws many Caddo culture keepers (elders, artists, language keepers, singers, dancers, and youth) back to their ancestral home in East Texas to celebrate together and share traditions with the community. The virtual shahó memorial captures the stories of bravery, resilience, loss, and renewal that are central to this tornado experience.

Coming in 2022

Caddo Voices Exhibit

The Caddo Voices Caddo Mounds Virtual Experience tells the stories of Caddo Mounds State Historic Site from prehistoric times through today. Caddo contributors to this Experience keep Caddo voices central in the telling of these stories while highlighting the contributions of contemporary Caddo people.

Coming in 2022

Behind The Ropes

The Texas Historical Commission takes care of historic and archeological objects, structures, and archives from across the state. Managing this material takes a lot of work from people with a variety of skills who undertake activities such as conserving artifacts, identifying objects, cataloging collections, and preparing displays. This exhibit brings you behind the ropes to see the work that goes into caring for the history of Texas.

Coming in 2022